Uses of Class

Packages that use QueryEvaluationException
Interfaces and classes for handling queries and query results.
Implementations of
invalid @link
relevant to query evaluation.
Functionality to convert tuple query results to and from the Data Access Working Group Test Result Set RDF Vocabulary
A repository that serves as a proxy client for a remote repository on an RDF4J Server.
Repository implementation for local RDF databases that implement the SAIL SPI.
A Repository that serves as a SPARQL endpoint client.
Helper classes for working with Repositories.
RDF Storage And Inference Layer (RDF Sail): a set of interfaces defining an SPI for RDF databases.
Base functionality for Sail implementations that require multi-versioned concurrency control (MVCC).
Abstract base implementation and internal helper classes for Sail implementations.
A Sail implementation that supports full-text indexing via the Lucene API.
Core functions required for SPIN.
Rdf4j-Spring OperationLog
Rdf4j-Spring ResultCache