Uses of Class

Packages that use QueryEvaluationException
Interfaces and classes for handling queries and query results.
Implementations of
invalid reference
relevant to query evaluation.
Functionality to convert tuple query results to and from the Data Access Working Group Test Result Set RDF Vocabulary
A repository that serves as a proxy client for a remote repository on an RDF4J Server.
Repository implementation for local RDF databases that implement the SAIL SPI.
A Repository that serves as a SPARQL endpoint client.
Helper classes for working with Repositories.
RDF Storage And Inference Layer (RDF Sail): a set of interfaces defining an SPI for RDF databases.
Base functionality for Sail implementations that require multi-versioned concurrency control (MVCC).
Abstract base implementation and internal helper classes for Sail implementations.
A Sail implementation that supports full-text indexing via the Lucene API.
Core functions required for SPIN.
Rdf4j-Spring OperationLog
Rdf4j-Spring ResultCache