Class QueryResultIteration

All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoCloseable, CloseableIteration<BindingSet,QueryEvaluationException>, Iteration<BindingSet,QueryEvaluationException>

public class QueryResultIteration extends AbstractCloseableIteration<BindingSet,QueryEvaluationException>
An iteration which wraps the final result and in case of exceptions aborts query evaluation for the corresponding query in fedx (potentially subqueries are still running, and jobs are scheduled). If some external component calls close() on this iteration AND if the corresponding query is still running, the query is aborted within FedX. An example case would be RDF4J's QueryInteruptIterations, which is used to enforce maxQueryTime. If the query is finished, the FederationManager is notified that the query is done, and the query is removed from the set of running queries.
Andreas Schwarte