Package org.eclipse.rdf4j.spring.operationlog

package org.eclipse.rdf4j.spring.operationlog

Rdf4j-Spring OperationLog

Provides query/update-level logging and timing for SPARQL operations.
  • Use the property rdf4j.spring.operationlog.enabled=true to enable, in which case each query is logged through slf4j.
  • Use the property rdf4j.spring.operationlog.jmx.enabled=true to replace slf4j logging by logging using a JMX MXBean, org.eclipse.rdf4j.operationlog.OperationStats

If enabled, bean of type OperationLog is instantiated that can be used to create a LoggingRepositoryConnectionFactory, wrapping the RepositoryConnectionFactory used by the application. This is done using spring-autoconfiguration by Rdf4JConfig.

Florian Kleedorfer