Interface RDFStarTripleSource

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public interface RDFStarTripleSource extends TripleSource
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    • getRdfStarTriples

      CloseableIteration<? extends Triple,QueryEvaluationException> getRdfStarTriples(Resource subj, IRI pred, Value obj) throws QueryEvaluationException
      Gets all Triple nodes that have a specific subject, predicate and/or object. All three parameters may be null to indicate wildcards.
      subj - A Resource specifying the triple's subject, or null for a wildcard.
      pred - A URI specifying the triple's predicate, or null for a wildcard.
      obj - A Value specifying the triple's object, or null for a wildcard.
      An iterator over the relevant triples.
      QueryEvaluationException - If the rdf star triple source failed to get the statements.