Interface ParallelTask<T>

All Known Implementing Classes:
ParallelBoundJoinTask, ParallelCheckJoinTask, ParallelGetStatementsTask, ParallelJoinTask, ParallelLeftJoinTask, ParallelPreparedAlgebraUnionTask, ParallelPreparedUnionTask, ParallelServiceJoinTask, ParallelTaskBase, ParallelUnionOperatorTask, ParallelUnionTask, SourceSelection.ParallelCheckTask

public interface ParallelTask<T>
Interface for any parallel task that can be performed in Scheduler implementations.
Andreas Schwarte
  • Method Details

    • performTask

      CloseableIteration<T> performTask() throws Exception
    • getControl

      ParallelExecutor<T> getControl()
      return the controlling instance, e.g. in most cases the instance of a thread. Shared variables are used to inform the thread about new events.
      the control executor
    • getQueryInfo

      default QueryInfo getQueryInfo()
      the QueryInfo
    • cancel

      void cancel()
      Optional implementation to cancel this task on a best effort basis
    • close

      default void close()
      Optional implementation to close this task on a best effort basis.