Interface TupleExpr

All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, QueryModelNode, Serializable
All Known Subinterfaces:
ExclusiveTupleExpr, ExclusiveTupleExprRenderer, FedXTupleExpr, StatementTupleExpr
All Known Implementing Classes:
ArbitraryLengthPath, BinaryTupleOperator, BindingSetAssignment, CheckStatementPattern, DescribeOperator, Difference, Distinct, EmptyNJoin, EmptyNUnion, EmptySet, EmptyStatementPattern, ExclusiveArbitraryLengthPath, ExclusiveGroup, ExclusiveStatement, Extension, FederatedDescribeOperator, FedXLeftJoin, FedXService, FedXStatementPattern, Filter, Group, Intersection, Join, LeftJoin, MultiProjection, NJoin, NTuple, NUnion, Order, PassThroughTupleExpr, PrecompiledQueryNode, Projection, QueryRoot, Reduced, Service, SingleSourceQuery, SingletonSet, Slice, StatementPattern, StatementSourcePattern, TripleRef, TrueStatementPattern, TupleFunctionCall, UnaryTupleOperator, Union, ZeroLengthPath

public interface TupleExpr extends QueryModelNode
An expression that evaluates to RDF tuples.
  • Method Details

    • getBindingNames

      Set<String> getBindingNames()
      Gets the names of the bindings that are, or can be, returned by this tuple expression when it is evaluated.
      A set of binding names.
    • getAssuredBindingNames

      Set<String> getAssuredBindingNames()
      Gets the names of the bindings that are guaranteed to be present in the results produced by this tuple expression.
      A set of binding names.
    • clone

      TupleExpr clone()
      Description copied from interface: QueryModelNode
      Returns a (deep) clone of this query model node. This method recursively clones the entire node tree, starting from this nodes.
      Specified by:
      clone in interface QueryModelNode
      A deep clone of this query model node.