Interface GraphQueryResult

All Superinterfaces:
AutoCloseable, CloseableIteration<Statement,QueryEvaluationException>, Iterable<Statement>, Iteration<Statement,QueryEvaluationException>, QueryResult<Statement>
All Known Implementing Classes:
BackgroundGraphResult, CachedGraphQueryResult, CleanerGraphQueryResult, GraphQueryResultImpl, IteratingGraphQueryResult, ReusableGraphQueryResult

public interface GraphQueryResult extends QueryResult<Statement>
A representation of a query result as a sequence of Statement objects. Each query result consists of zero or more Statements and additionaly carries information about relevant namespace declarations. Note: take care to always close a GraphQueryResult after use to free any resources it keeps hold of.
Jeen Broekstra
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    • getNamespaces

      Map<String,String> getNamespaces() throws QueryEvaluationException
      Retrieves relevant namespaces from the query result.
      The contents of the Map may be modified after it is returned, as the initial return may be performed when the first RDF Statement is encountered.
      a Map<String, String> object containing (prefix, namespace) pairs.