Class RepositoryTripleSource

All Implemented Interfaces:
AvailableStatementOrder, TripleSource

public class RepositoryTripleSource extends Object implements TripleSource
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    • getStatements

      public CloseableIteration<? extends Statement> getStatements(Resource subj, IRI pred, Value obj, Resource... contexts) throws QueryEvaluationException
      Description copied from interface: TripleSource
      Gets all statements that have a specific subject, predicate and/or object. All three parameters may be null to indicate wildcards. Optionally a (set of) context(s) may be specified in which case the result will be restricted to statements matching one or more of the specified contexts.
      Specified by:
      getStatements in interface TripleSource
      subj - A Resource specifying the subject, or null for a wildcard.
      pred - A IRI specifying the predicate, or null for a wildcard.
      obj - A Value specifying the object, or null for a wildcard.
      contexts - The context(s) to get the statements from. Note that this parameter is a vararg and as such is optional. If no contexts are supplied the method operates on the entire repository.
      An iterator over the relevant statements.
      QueryEvaluationException - If the triple source failed to get the statements.
    • getValueFactory

      public ValueFactory getValueFactory()
      Description copied from interface: TripleSource
      Gets a ValueFactory object that can be used to create IRI-, blank node- and literal objects.
      Specified by:
      getValueFactory in interface TripleSource
      a ValueFactory object for this TripleSource.
    • getComparator

      public Comparator<Value> getComparator()
      Description copied from interface: TripleSource
      Different underlying datastructures may have different ways of ordering statements. On-disk stores typically use a long to represent a value and only stores the actual value in a dictionary, in this case the order would be the order that values where inserted into the dictionary. Stores that instead store values in SPARQL-order can return an instance of ValueComparator which may allow for further optimizations.

      Note that this method is experimental and may be changed or removed without notice.

      Specified by:
      getComparator in interface TripleSource
      a comparator that matches the order of values in the store