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RDF4J 5.0.1 is a patch release that fixes 8 issues.

For a complete overview, see all issues fixed in 5.0.1.


The following dependencies and/or transitive dependencies have been updated to address security vulnerabilities:

  • Upgraded spring to 5.3.37
  • Upgraded snappy-java to
  • Upgraded netty to 4.1.111

These upgrades fix several issues reported in various CVEs (more details can be found in the RDF4J github issue list ). While these vulnerabilities may or may not affect the security of RDF4J itself in a real-world environment, users are nevertheless recommended to consider upgrading to the latest version of RDF4J.


This release was made possible by contributions from Florian Kleedorfer, Håvard M. Ottestad, Matthew Nguyen, Bart Hanssens, Pete Edwards and Jerven Bolleman.

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