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RDF4J 3.6.0 is a minor release with about 19 improvements and bug fixes.

Some highlights:

  • Improved SHACL implementation
  • Faster Models.isomorphic(...)
  • Better compatibility with DBpedia
  • Updated fonts in Workbench
  • Helper methods for prefixing IRIs
  • Faster skolemization
  • Upgraded libraries: Apache HTTP Core, Jetty, Spring and spatial4j

For a complete overview, see all issues fixed in 3.6.0.

Upgrade notes

RDF4J 3.6.0 is binary compatible with older RDF4J releases.


This release was made possible by contributions from Bart Hanssens, Håvard M. Ottestad, Jeen Broekstra, Linn Aung and Richard Eckart de Castilho.


Eclipse RDF4J™ is a powerful Java framework for processing and handling RDF data. This includes creating, parsing, scalable storage, reasoning and querying with RDF and Linked Data. It offers an easy-to-use API that can be connected to all leading RDF database solutions. It allows you to connect with SPARQL endpoints and create applications that leverage the power of linked data and Semantic Web.

RDF4J Architecture

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