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RDF4J 3.4.2 is a patch release fixing 4 issues:

  • #2520: fix broken project url in root pom
  • #2526: fix for handling Stardog RDF* query results with named graph
  • #2489: fix for indexing of spatial geometries in Lucene Sail
  • #2511: Turtle parser now accepts Turtle* extensions by default

For a complete overview, see all issues fixed in 3.4.2.

Upgrade notes

Due to change in how the LuceneSail indexes geospatial fields, we recommend that you re-index your data if you use the geospatial features in the LuceneSail.


This release was made possible by contributions from Ali Haidar and Jeen Broekstra.


Eclipse RDF4J™ is a powerful Java framework for processing and handling RDF data. This includes creating, parsing, scalable storage, reasoning and querying with RDF and Linked Data. It offers an easy-to-use API that can be connected to all leading RDF database solutions. It allows you to connect with SPARQL endpoints and create applications that leverage the power of linked data and Semantic Web.

RDF4J Architecture

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