Interface NotifyingSail

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AbstractForwardChainingInferencer, AbstractNotifyingSail, CustomGraphQueryInferencer, DedupingInferencer, DirectTypeHierarchyInferencer, ElasticsearchStore, ExtensibleStore, ForwardChainingRDFSInferencer, LimitedSizeNativeStore, LmdbStore, LuceneSail, MemoryStore, NativeStore, NotifyingSailWrapper, SchemaCachingRDFSInferencer, ShaclSail

public interface NotifyingSail extends Sail
An interface for Sails that notify registered SailChangedListeners of changes in the data in the Sail.
James Leigh
  • Method Details

    • getConnection

      NotifyingSailConnection getConnection() throws SailException
      Opens a connection on the Sail which can be used to query and update data. Depending on how the implementation handles concurrent access, a call to this method might block when there is another open connection on this Sail.
      Specified by:
      getConnection in interface Sail
      SailException - If no transaction could be started, for example because the Sail is not writable.
    • addSailChangedListener

      void addSailChangedListener(SailChangedListener listener)
      Adds the specified SailChangedListener to receive events when the data in this Sail object changes.
    • removeSailChangedListener

      void removeSailChangedListener(SailChangedListener listener)
      Removes the specified SailChangedListener so that it no longer receives events from this Sail object.