Class NativeStore

All Implemented Interfaces:
FederatedServiceResolverClient, NotifyingSail, Sail
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public class NativeStore extends AbstractNotifyingSail implements FederatedServiceResolverClient
A SAIL implementation using B-Tree indexing on disk for storing and querying its data.

The NativeStore is designed for datasets between 100,000 and 100 million triples. On most operating systems, if there is sufficient physical memory, the NativeStore will act like the MemoryStore, because the read/write commands will be cached by the OS. This technique allows the NativeStore to operate quite well for millions of triples.

Arjohn Kampman, jeen
  • Constructor Details

    • NativeStore

      public NativeStore()
      Creates a new NativeStore.
    • NativeStore

      public NativeStore(File dataDir)
    • NativeStore

      public NativeStore(File dataDir, String tripleIndexes)
  • Method Details

    • setDataDir

      public void setDataDir(File dataDir)
      Description copied from interface: Sail
      Sets the data directory for the Sail. The Sail can use this directory for storage of data, parameters, etc. This directory must be set before the Sail is
      invalid reference
      Specified by:
      setDataDir in interface Sail
      setDataDir in class AbstractSail
    • setTripleIndexes

      public void setTripleIndexes(String tripleIndexes)
      Sets the triple indexes for the native store, must be called before initialization.
      tripleIndexes - An index strings, e.g. spoc,posc.
    • getTripleIndexes

      public String getTripleIndexes()
    • setForceSync

      public void setForceSync(boolean forceSync)
      Specifies whether updates should be synced to disk forcefully, must be called before initialization. Enabling this feature may prevent corruption in case of events like power loss, but can have a severe impact on write performance. By default, this feature is disabled.
    • getForceSync

      public boolean getForceSync()
    • setValueCacheSize

      public void setValueCacheSize(int valueCacheSize)
    • setValueIDCacheSize

      public void setValueIDCacheSize(int valueIDCacheSize)
    • setNamespaceCacheSize

      public void setNamespaceCacheSize(int namespaceCacheSize)
    • setNamespaceIDCacheSize

      public void setNamespaceIDCacheSize(int namespaceIDCacheSize)
    • getEvaluationStrategyFactory

      public EvaluationStrategyFactory getEvaluationStrategyFactory()
      Returns the EvaluationStrategy.
    • setEvaluationStrategyFactory

      public void setEvaluationStrategyFactory(EvaluationStrategyFactory factory)
      Sets the EvaluationStrategy to use.
    • getFederatedServiceResolver

      public FederatedServiceResolver getFederatedServiceResolver()
      Description copied from interface: FederatedServiceResolverClient
      Gets the FederatedServiceResolver used by this client.
      Specified by:
      getFederatedServiceResolver in interface FederatedServiceResolverClient
      Returns the SERVICE resolver.
    • setFederatedServiceResolver

      public void setFederatedServiceResolver(FederatedServiceResolver resolver)
      Overrides the FederatedServiceResolver used by this instance, but the given resolver is not shutDown when this instance is.
      Specified by:
      setFederatedServiceResolver in interface FederatedServiceResolverClient
      resolver - The SERVICE resolver to set.
    • initializeInternal

      protected void initializeInternal() throws SailException
      Initializes this NativeStore.
      initializeInternal in class AbstractSail
      SailException - If this NativeStore could not be initialized using the parameters that have been set.
    • shutDownInternal

      protected void shutDownInternal() throws SailException
      Description copied from class: AbstractSail
      Do store-specific operations to ensure proper shutdown of the store.
      Specified by:
      shutDownInternal in class AbstractSail
    • shutDown

      public void shutDown() throws SailException
      Description copied from interface: Sail
      Shuts down the Sail, giving it the opportunity to synchronize any stale data. Care should be taken that all initialized Sails are being shut down before an application exits to avoid potential loss of data. Once shut down, a Sail can no longer be used until it is re-initialized.
      Specified by:
      shutDown in interface Sail
      shutDown in class AbstractSail
      SailException - If the Sail object encountered an error or unexpected situation internally.
    • isWritable

      public boolean isWritable()
      Description copied from interface: Sail
      Checks whether this Sail object is writable, i.e. if the data contained in this Sail object can be changed.
      Specified by:
      isWritable in interface Sail
    • getConnectionInternal

      protected NotifyingSailConnection getConnectionInternal() throws SailException
      Description copied from class: AbstractSail
      Returns a store-specific SailConnection object.
      Specified by:
      getConnectionInternal in class AbstractNotifyingSail
      A connection to the store.
    • getValueFactory

      public ValueFactory getValueFactory()
      Description copied from interface: Sail
      Gets a ValueFactory object that can be used to create IRI-, blank node-, literal- and statement objects.
      Specified by:
      getValueFactory in interface Sail
      a ValueFactory object for this Sail object.
    • getTransactionLock

      protected Lock getTransactionLock(IsolationLevel level) throws SailException
      This call will block when IsolationLevels.NONE is provided when there are active transactions with a higher isolation and block when a higher isolation is provided when there are active transactions with IsolationLevels.NONE isolation. Store is either exclusively in IsolationLevels.NONE isolation with potentially zero or more transactions, or exclusively in higher isolation mode with potentially zero or more transactions.
      level - indicating desired mode IsolationLevels.NONE or higher
      Lock used to prevent Store from switching isolation modes
    • getCollectionFactory

      public Supplier<CollectionFactory> getCollectionFactory()
      Description copied from interface: Sail
      Gets a CollectionFactory that may be optimized for this store and may or may not use disk or other resources.
      Specified by:
      getCollectionFactory in interface Sail
      a CollectionFactory