Class DirectTypeHierarchyInferencer

All Implemented Interfaces:
FederatedServiceResolverClient, NotifyingSail, Sail, StackableSail

public class DirectTypeHierarchyInferencer extends NotifyingSailWrapper
A forward-chaining inferencer that infers the direct-type hierarchy relations sesame:directSubClassOf, sesame:directSubPropertyOf and sesame:directType.

The semantics of this inferencer are defined as follows:

    Class A is a direct subclass of B iff:
       1. A is a subclass of B and;
       2. A and B are not equa and;
       3. there is no class C (unequal A and B) such that
          A is a subclass of C and C of B.

    Property P is a direct subproperty of Q iff:
       1. P is a subproperty of Q and;
       2. P and Q are not equal and;
       3. there is no property R (unequal P and Q) such that
          P is a subproperty of R and R of Q.

    Resource I is of direct type T iff:
       1. I is of type T and
       2. There is no class U (unequal T) such that:
           a. U is a subclass of T and;
           b. I is of type U.
  • Constructor Details

    • DirectTypeHierarchyInferencer

      public DirectTypeHierarchyInferencer()
    • DirectTypeHierarchyInferencer

      public DirectTypeHierarchyInferencer(NotifyingSail baseSail)
  • Method Details

    • getConnection

      public InferencerConnection getConnection() throws SailException
      Description copied from interface: Sail
      Opens a connection on the Sail which can be used to query and update data. Depending on how the implementation handles concurrent access, a call to this method might block when there is another open connection on this Sail.
      Specified by:
      getConnection in interface NotifyingSail
      Specified by:
      getConnection in interface Sail
      getConnection in class NotifyingSailWrapper
      SailException - If no transaction could be started, for example because the Sail is not writable.
    • init

      public void init() throws SailException
      Description copied from interface: Sail
      Initializes the Sail. Care should be taken that required initialization parameters have been set before this method is called. Please consult the specific Sail implementation for information about the relevant parameters.
      Specified by:
      init in interface Sail
      init in class SailWrapper
      SailException - If the Sail could not be initialized.