Class PassThroughTupleExpr

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, FedXTupleExpr, QueryRef, VariableExpr, GraphPatternGroupable, QueryModelNode, TupleExpr, VariableScopeChange

public class PassThroughTupleExpr extends AbstractQueryModelNode implements FedXTupleExpr
Marker TupleExpr that is used from FedXTupleQuery.evaluate(TupleQueryResultHandler) to allow for passing through of results to the handler.

Passing through of results to the handler is supported for SingleSourceQuerys, i.e. if the original query is sent as is to the single relevant source. In this case no materialization and in-memory handling through FedX is done, if a TupleQueryResultHandler is supplied.

Andreas Schwarte
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