Interface FedXTupleExpr

All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, QueryModelNode, QueryRef, Serializable, TupleExpr, VariableExpr
All Known Subinterfaces:
ExclusiveTupleExpr, ExclusiveTupleExprRenderer, StatementTupleExpr
All Known Implementing Classes:
CheckStatementPattern, ExclusiveArbitraryLengthPath, ExclusiveGroup, ExclusiveStatement, FedXStatementPattern, PassThroughTupleExpr, StatementSourcePattern

public interface FedXTupleExpr extends TupleExpr, VariableExpr, QueryRef
Interface marking known FedX algebra nodes.
Andreas Schwarte
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    • getFreeVarCount

      default int getFreeVarCount()
      the number of free (i.e. unbound) variables in this expression