Package org.eclipse.rdf4j.spring

package org.eclipse.rdf4j.spring


Configures beans for Rdf4J access. Uses Spring's autoconfiguration mechanism at startup to determine which subsystems to use. The following example shows a spring configuration class enabling all features and using an in-memory repository. The DAO classes (subclasses of Rdf4JDao), assumed to be under , are autodetected.

 invalid input: '&#64'Configuration
 invalid input: '&#64'Import(Rdf4JConfig.class)
 invalid input: '&#64'ComponentScan(
         value = "",
         includeFilters =
                 invalid input: '&#64'ComponentScan.Filter(type = FilterType.ASSIGNABLE_TYPE, classes = Rdf4JDao.class)
 invalid input: '&#64'TestPropertySource(
         properties = {
 public class Rdf4JStorageConfiguration {

     // beans, if any (you may not need any - all your DAOs could be autodetected and all other beans may
     // be configured elsewhere)


For more information on the subsystems, please refer to their package-infos:

This software has been developed in the project 'BIM-Interoperables Merkmalservice', funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency and Österreichische Bautechnik Veranstaltungs GmbH.

Florian Kleedorfer