Package org.eclipse.rdf4j.spring.dao

package org.eclipse.rdf4j.spring.dao

Rdf4j-Spring DAO

Support for custom DAO (data access object) implementations.

Such custom DAO implementations get access to the following subsystems:

  • Rdf4JTemplate: Central service for accessing repositories,executing queries and updates, as well as transforming results into java entities or collections
  • NamedSparqlSupplier: DAO-specific map of SPARQL Strings aiding efficient generation and caching of operaitons

There are two variants of DAOs:

  • Rdf4JDao: Base class for DAOs with support for named operations and access
  • Rdf4JCRUDDao: Base class for DAOs that are associated with specific entity classes, providing additional support for CRUD operations on these entities.
Florian Kleedorfer