Interface MemValue

All Superinterfaces:
Serializable, Value
All Known Implementing Classes:
BooleanMemLiteral, CalendarMemLiteral, DecimalMemLiteral, IntegerMemLiteral, MemBNode, MemIRI, MemLiteral, MemResource, MemTriple, NumericMemLiteral

public interface MemValue extends Value
A MemoryStore-specific extension of the Value interface, giving it node properties.
  • Field Details


      static final MemStatementList EMPTY_LIST
      A shared empty MemStatementList that is returned by MemURI and MemBNode to represent an empty list. The use of a shared list reduces memory usage.
  • Method Details

    • getCreator

      Object getCreator()
      Returns the object that created this MemValue. MemValues are only unique within a single repository, but an application could use several repositories at the same time, passing MemValues generated by one Sail to another Sail. In such situations, the MemValue of the first Sail cannot be used by the second Sail.
    • hasStatements

      boolean hasStatements()
      Checks whether this MemValue has any statements. A MemValue object has statements if there is at least one statement where it is used as the subject, predicate, object or context value.
      true if the MemValue has statements, false otherwise.
    • getObjectStatementList

      MemStatementList getObjectStatementList()
      Gets the list of statements for which this MemValue is the object.
      A MemStatementList containing the statements.
    • getObjectStatementCount

      int getObjectStatementCount()
      Gets the number of statements for which this MemValue is the object.
      An integer larger than or equal to 0.
    • addObjectStatement

      void addObjectStatement(MemStatement st) throws InterruptedException
      Adds a statement to this MemValue's list of statements for which it is the object.
    • cleanSnapshotsFromObjectStatements

      void cleanSnapshotsFromObjectStatements(int currentSnapshot) throws InterruptedException
      Removes statements from old snapshots (those that have expired at or before the specified snapshot version) from this MemValue's list of statements for which it is the object.
      currentSnapshot - The current snapshot version.
    • hasSubjectStatements

      boolean hasSubjectStatements()
    • hasPredicateStatements

      boolean hasPredicateStatements()
    • hasObjectStatements

      boolean hasObjectStatements()
    • hasContextStatements

      boolean hasContextStatements()