Class MemTripleIterator<X extends Exception>

All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoCloseable, CloseableIteration<MemTriple,X>, Iteration<MemTriple,X>

public class MemTripleIterator<X extends Exception> extends LookAheadIteration<MemTriple,X>
An Iteration that can iterate over a list of Triple objects.
Jeen Broekstra
  • Constructor Details

    • MemTripleIterator

      public MemTripleIterator(MemStatementList statementList, MemResource subject, MemIRI predicate, MemValue object, int snapshot) throws InterruptedException
      Creates a new MemTripleIterator that will iterate over the triples contained in the supplied MemStatementList searching for triples that occur as either subject or object in those statements, and which match the specified pattern of subject, predicate, object.
      statementList - the statements over which to iterate.
      subject - subject of pattern.
      predicate - predicate of pattern.
      object - object of pattern.
  • Method Details

    • getNextElement

      protected MemTriple getNextElement()
      Searches through statementList, starting from index _nextStatementIdx + 1, for triples that match the constraints that have been set for this iterator.
      Specified by:
      getNextElement in class LookAheadIteration<MemTriple,X extends Exception>
      The next element, or null if no more elements are available.