Interface StackableSail

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AbstractForwardChainingInferencer, CustomGraphQueryInferencer, DedupingInferencer, DirectTypeHierarchyInferencer, ForwardChainingRDFSInferencer, LuceneSail, NotifyingSailWrapper, SailWrapper, SchemaCachingRDFSInferencer, ShaclSail

public interface StackableSail extends Sail
An interface for Sails that can be stacked on top of other Sails.
  • Method Details

    • setBaseSail

      void setBaseSail(Sail baseSail)
      Sets the base Sail that this Sail will work on top of. This method will be called before the initialize() method is called.
    • getBaseSail

      Sail getBaseSail()
      Gets the base Sail that this Sail works on top of.