Uses of Package

A command line console tool for querying and updating local or remote RDF4J repositories.
The Repository API: the main API for accessing rdf databases and SPARQL endpoints.
Abstract base classes and wrappers for the main Repository API interfaces.
Repository configuration interfaces.
A repository wrapper with convenience functions for handling contexts.
A repository wrapper which supports auto-loading of datasets specified in a query.
Interfaces for notification/interception of events happening on Repositories and RepositoryConnections
Wrapper/adapter base implementations.
A repository that serves as a proxy client for a remote repository on an RDF4J Server.
Functionality for Repository lifecycle management and sharing.
Repository implementation for local RDF databases that implement the SAIL SPI.
A Repository that serves as a SPARQL endpoint client.
Helper classes for working with Repositories.
Forward-chaining inferencers, implemented as StackableSails.
A Sail implementation for SHACL constraint checking.
Rdf4j-Spring OperationCache
Rdf4j-Spring OperationLog
Rdf4j-Spring Pool
Rdf4j-Spring ResultCache
Rdf4J-Spring Tx
A SPARQL test suite for RDF4J repositories