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Abs, Add, And, AskFunction, BinaryFunction, BooleanCast, BooleanCast, Boundary, Buffer, BuildString, BuildURI, ByteCast, Cast, CastFunction, Ceil, Concat, Concat, Contains, ConvertSpinRDFToString, ConvexHull, CurrentTimeMillis, DateCast, DateFormat, DateTimeCast, DateTimeCast, Day, DecimalCast, DecimalCast, DecimalFormat, DecodeURL, Difference, Distance, Divide, DoubleCast, DoubleCast, EhContains, EhCoveredBy, EhCovers, EhDisjoint, EhEquals, EhInside, EhMeet, EhOverlap, EncodeForUri, EncodeURL, Envelope, EqualTo, EvalFunction, ExistingPalindromeFunction, FloatCast, FloatCast, Floor, GenerateUUID, GreaterThan, GreaterThanOrEqualTo, HasAllObjects, HashFunction, Hours, IndexOf, IntCast, IntegerCast, IntegerCast, IntegerCastFunction, Intersection, Invoke, IsTripleFunction, IsValidURI, LastIndexOf, LessThan, LessThanOrEqualTo, Localname, LongCast, LowerCase, LowerCase, LowerTitleCase, MD5, Minutes, Mod, Month, Multiply, Name, NegativeIntegerCast, NonNegativeIntegerCast, NonPositiveIntegerCast, Not, NotEqualTo, Now, ObjectFunction, Or, PalindromeFunction, ParseDate, PositiveIntegerCast, Rand, Random, RCC8DC, RCC8EC, RCC8EQ, RCC8NTPP, RCC8NTPPI, RCC8PO, RCC8TPP, RCC8TPPI, Relate, Replace, ReplaceAll, Round, Seconds, SfContains, SfCrosses, SfDisjoint, SfEquals, SfIntersects, SfOverlaps, SfTouches, SfWithin, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, ShortCast, SpinFunction, SpinxFunction, SRID, StatementFunction, StrAfter, StrBefore, StrDt, StrEnds, StringCast, StringCast, StrLang, StrLen, StrStarts, STRUUID, Substring, Subtract, SymmetricDifference, TimeMillis, Timezone, TitleCase, Trim, TripleObjectFunction, TriplePredicateFunction, TripleSubjectFunction, Tz, UnaryFunction, UnCamelCase, Union, UnsignedByteCast, UnsignedIntCast, UnsignedLongCast, UnsignedShortCast, UpperCase, UpperCase, UUID, Year

public interface Function
A query function, which can be a built-in function in the query language, or a custom function as documented in the SPARQL 1.1 Query Language Recommendation.
Arjohn Kampman, Jeen Broekstra
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