Uses of Package

Package offering various locking scheme implementations.
The RDF Model API
Abstract base classes for RDF Model API interfaces.
Default implementations of the RDF model interfaces
Helper classes for working with RDF models.
Interfaces and classes for handling queries and query results.
Abstract Query Algebra model.
Implementations of
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relevant to query evaluation.
The rdf4j SPARQL 1.1 parser.
Parsers and writers for the SPARQL Query Results XML Format
This package contains classes for rendering RDF4J query objects as SPARQL queries.
RDF Storage And Inference Layer (RDF Sail): a set of interfaces defining an SPI for RDF databases.
Base functionality for Sail implementations that require multi-versioned concurrency control (MVCC).
Elasticsearch store for string triples
Elasticsearch store for string triples
Abstract base implementation and internal helper classes for Sail implementations.
The LMDB based Store.
A Sail implementation that supports full-text indexing via the Lucene API.
The Native Store.
A Sail implementation for SHACL constraint checking.
Rdf4j-Spring DAO
Rdf4J-Spring Tx
A SPARQL test suite for RDF4J repositories