Class GraphPattern


@InternalUseOnly public class GraphPattern extends Object
A graph pattern consisting of (required and optional) tuple expressions, binding assignments and boolean constraints.
Arjohn Kampman
  • Constructor Details

    • GraphPattern

      public GraphPattern()
      Creates a new graph pattern.
    • GraphPattern

      public GraphPattern(GraphPattern parent)
      Creates a new graph pattern that inherits the context and scope from a parent graph pattern.
  • Method Details

    • setContextVar

      public void setContextVar(Var contextVar)
    • getContextVar

      public Var getContextVar()
    • setStatementPatternScope

      public void setStatementPatternScope(StatementPattern.Scope spScope)
    • getStatementPatternScope

      public StatementPattern.Scope getStatementPatternScope()
    • addRequiredTE

      public void addRequiredTE(TupleExpr te)
    • addRequiredSP

      public void addRequiredSP(Var subjVar, Var predVar, Var objVar)
    • getRequiredTEs

      public List<TupleExpr> getRequiredTEs()
    • addOptionalTE

      public void addOptionalTE(TupleExpr te, List<ValueExpr> constraints)
      add the supplied tuple expression as an optional expression, with a list of constraints that hold as conditions.
      te - a tuple expression
      constraints - a list of constraints that form a condition for the LeftJoin to be formed from the optional TE.
    • getOptionalTEs

      public List<Map.Entry<TupleExpr,List<ValueExpr>>> getOptionalTEs()
      Retrieves the optional tuple expressions as a list of tuples with the tuple expression as the key and the list of value expressions as the value.
      a list of Map entries.
    • addConstraint

      public void addConstraint(ValueExpr constraint)
    • addConstraints

      public void addConstraints(Collection<ValueExpr> constraints)
    • getConstraints

      public List<ValueExpr> getConstraints()
    • removeAllConstraints

      public List<ValueExpr> removeAllConstraints()
    • clear

      public void clear()
      Removes all tuple expressions and constraints.
    • buildTupleExpr

      public TupleExpr buildTupleExpr()
      Builds a combined tuple expression from the tuple expressions and constraints in this graph pattern.
      A tuple expression for this graph pattern.
    • buildOptionalTE

      public TupleExpr buildOptionalTE(TupleExpr result)
      Build optionals to the supplied TE