Class AbstractParserUpdate

All Implemented Interfaces:
Operation, Update

public abstract class AbstractParserUpdate extends AbstractUpdate
Jeen Broekstra
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractParserUpdate

      protected AbstractParserUpdate(ParsedUpdate parsedUpdate)
  • Method Details

    • getParsedUpdate

      public ParsedUpdate getParsedUpdate()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • getMergedDataset

      protected Dataset getMergedDataset(Dataset sparqlDefinedDataset)
      Determines the active dataset by appropriately merging the pre-set dataset and the dataset defined in the SPARQL operation itself. If the SPARQL operation contains WITH, USING, or USING NAMED clauses, these should override whatever is preset.
      sparqlDefinedDataset - the dataset as defined in the SPARQL update itself.
      a Dataset comprised of a merge between the pre-set dataset and the SPARQL-defined dataset.