Class FederationManager


public class FederationManager extends Object
The FederationManager manages all modules necessary for the runtime behavior. This includes for instance the federation layer instance, cache and statistics. It is Singleton and there can only be on federation instance at a time.

The factory FedXFactory provides various functions for initialization of FedX and should be used as the entry point for any application using FedX.

 Listinvalid input: '&ltEndpoint'invalid input: '&gt' members = ...                  // e.g. use EndpointFactory methods
 FedXRepository repo = FedXFactory.initializeFederation(endpoints);
 ReositoryConnection conn = repo.getConnection();

 // Do something with the connection, e.g. query evaluation
Andreas Schwarte
  • Constructor Details

    • FederationManager

      public FederationManager()
  • Method Details

    • init

      public void init(FedX federation, FederationContext federationContext)
    • reset

      public void reset()
      Reset the Scheduler instances, i.e. abort all running threads and create a new scheduler instance.
    • getExecutor

      public Executor getExecutor()
      Returns the managed Executor which takes for properly handling any configured FedXConfig.getTaskWrapper()
    • getFederation

      public FedX getFederation()
    • getJoinScheduler

      public ControlledWorkerScheduler<BindingSet> getJoinScheduler()
    • getLeftJoinScheduler

      public ControlledWorkerScheduler<BindingSet> getLeftJoinScheduler()
    • getUnionScheduler

      public ControlledWorkerScheduler<BindingSet> getUnionScheduler()
    • getFederationType

      public FederationManager.FederationType getFederationType()
    • addEndpoint

      public void addEndpoint(Endpoint e, boolean... updateStrategy) throws FedXRuntimeException
      Add the specified endpoint to the federation. The federation must not contain a member with the same endpoint location.
      e - the endpoint
      updateStrategy - optional parameter, to determine if strategy is to be updated, default=true
      FedXRuntimeException - if the federation has already a member with the same location
    • addAll

      public void addAll(List<Endpoint> endpoints)
      Add the specified endpoints to the federation and take care for updating all structures.
      endpoints - a list of endpoints to add
    • removeEndpoint

      public void removeEndpoint(Endpoint e, boolean... updateStrategy) throws RepositoryException
      Remove the specified endpoint from the federation.
      e - the endpoint
      updateStrategy - optional parameter, to determine if strategy is to be updated, default=true
    • removeAll

      public void removeAll() throws RepositoryException
      Remove all endpoints from the federation, e.g. to load a new preset. Repositories of the endpoints are shutDown, and the EndpointManager is added accordingly.
    • shutDown

      public void shutDown() throws FedXException
      Shutdown the federation including the following operations:

      • shut down repositories of all federation members
      • persist the cached information
      • clear the endpoint manager
      FedXException - if an error occurs while shutting down the federation
    • createWorkerUnion

      public WorkerUnionBase<BindingSet> createWorkerUnion(QueryInfo queryInfo)
      Create an appropriate worker union for this federation, i.e. a synchronous worker union for local federations and a multithreaded worker union for remote invalid input: '&' hybrid federations.
      the WorkerUnionBase
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