Interface NativeValue

All Superinterfaces:
Serializable, Value
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
NativeBNode, NativeIRI, NativeLiteral

public interface NativeValue extends Value
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    • setInternalID

      void setInternalID(int id, ValueStoreRevision revision)
      Sets the ID that is used for this value in a specific revision of the value store.
    • getInternalID

      int getInternalID()
      Gets the ID that is used in the native store for this Value.
      The value's ID, or UNKNOWN_ID if not yet set.
    • getValueStoreRevision

      ValueStoreRevision getValueStoreRevision()
      Gets the revision of the value store that created this value. The value's internal ID is only valid when it's value store revision is equal to the value store's current revision.
      The revision of the value store that created this value at the time it last set the value's internal ID.