Class DefaultRecordComparator

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public class DefaultRecordComparator extends Object implements RecordComparator
A RecordComparator that compares values with eachother by comparing all of their bytes.
Arjohn Kampman
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultRecordComparator

      public DefaultRecordComparator()
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    • compareBTreeValues

      public int compareBTreeValues(byte[] key, byte[] data, int offset, int length)
      Description copied from interface: RecordComparator
      Compares the supplied key to the value of length length, starting at offset offset in the supplied data array.
      Specified by:
      compareBTreeValues in interface RecordComparator
      key - A byte array representing the search key.
      data - A byte array containing the value to compare the key to.
      offset - The offset (0-based) of the value in data.
      length - The length of the value.
      A negative integer when the key is smaller than the value, a positive integer when the key is larger than the value, or 0 when the key is equal to the value.