Interface SearchDocument

All Known Implementing Classes:
ElasticsearchDocument, LuceneDocument, SolrSearchDocument

public interface SearchDocument
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
    • getResource

      String getResource()
    • getContext

      String getContext()
    • getPropertyNames

      Collection<String> getPropertyNames()
      Returns a set of the property names.
    • addProperty

      void addProperty(String name)
      Adds/creates a new property with the given name.
    • addProperty

      void addProperty(String name, String value)
      Adds a value to the property with the given name.
    • addGeoProperty

      void addGeoProperty(String name, String value)
    • hasProperty

      boolean hasProperty(String name, String value)
      Checks whether a field occurs with a specified value in a Document.
    • getProperty

      List<String> getProperty(String name)