Class QuerySpec

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public class QuerySpec extends AbstractSearchQueryEvaluator
A QuerySpec holds information extracted from a TupleExpr corresponding with a single Lucene query. Access the patterns or use the get-methods to get the names of the variables to bind.
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    • getParentQueryModelNode

      public QueryModelNode getParentQueryModelNode()
    • removeQueryPatterns

      public QueryModelNode removeQueryPatterns()
      Description copied from interface: SearchQueryEvaluator
      Removes the query patterns and returns a placeholder where the query results could be placed.
    • getMatchesPattern

      public StatementPattern getMatchesPattern()
    • getMatchesVariableName

      public String getMatchesVariableName()
      return the name of the bound variable that should match the query
      the name of the variable or null, if no name set
    • getQueryPatterns

      public Collection<QuerySpec.QueryParam> getQueryPatterns()
    • getIdPattern

      public StatementPattern getIdPattern()
    • getScorePattern

      public StatementPattern getScorePattern()
    • getScoreVariableName

      public String getScoreVariableName()
      The variable name associated with the query score
      the name or null, if no score is queried in the pattern
    • getTypePattern

      public StatementPattern getTypePattern()
    • getQueryType

      public IRI getQueryType()
      the type of query, must equal LuceneSailSchema.LUCENE_QUERY. A null type is possible, but not valid.
      the type of the Query or null, if no type assigned.
    • getSubject

      public Resource getSubject()
    • isEvaluable

      public boolean isEvaluable()
    • isHighlight

      public boolean isHighlight()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • getCatQuery

      public String getCatQuery()