Class NDJSONLDParser

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    public class NDJSONLDParser
    extends JSONLDParser
    Introduce a parser capable of parsing Newline Delimited JSON-LD, where each line is a serialized JSON-LD record. The format is inspired by Newline Delimited JSON format Even though each line is a separate JSON-LD document, the whole document is treated as a single RDF document, having one single BNodes context to preserve BNodes identifiers.
    Desislava Hristova
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      • NDJSONLDParser

        public NDJSONLDParser()
        Default constructor
      • NDJSONLDParser

        public NDJSONLDParser​(ValueFactory valueFactory)
        Creates a RDF4J NDJSONLD Parser using the given ValueFactory to create new Values.
        valueFactory - The ValueFactory to use
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      • parse

        public void parse​(InputStream in,
                          String baseURI)
                   throws RDFParseException,
        Description copied from interface: RDFParser
        Parses the data from the supplied InputStream, using the supplied baseURI to resolve any relative URI references.
        Specified by:
        parse in interface RDFParser
        parse in class JSONLDParser
        in - The InputStream from which to read the data.
        baseURI - The URI associated with the data in the InputStream. May be null. Parsers for syntax formats that do not support relative URIs will ignore this argument.

        Note that if the data contains an embedded base URI, that embedded base URI will overrule the value supplied here (see RFC 3986 section 5.1 for details).

        RDFParseException - If the parser has found an unrecoverable parse error.
        RDFHandlerException - If the configured statement handler has encountered an unrecoverable error.
        IOException - If an I/O error occurred while data was read from the InputStream.