Class TurtleParserSettings


public class TurtleParserSettings extends Object
Parser Settings that are specific to RDFFormat.TURTLE parsers.
Peter Ansell
  • Field Details


      public static final RioSetting<Boolean> CASE_INSENSITIVE_DIRECTIVES
      Allows the Turtle parser to recognize @BASE and @PREFIX in a similar way to the SPARQL case insensitive directives.

      Defaults to false.

      Can be overridden by setting system property


      public static final RioSetting<Boolean> ACCEPT_TURTLESTAR
      Allows the regular Turtle parser to accept data using the non-standard Turtle-star extension.

      Defaults to true.

      This setting has no effect on the behavior of the TurtleStarParser.

      Can be overridden by setting system property

  • Constructor Details

    • TurtleParserSettings

      public TurtleParserSettings()