Parser/writer for the HDT v1.0 format. Unfortunately the draft specification is not entirely clear and probably slightly out of date, since the open source reference implementation HDT-It seems to implement a slightly different version. This parser tries to be compatible with HDT-It 1.0. File structure:
 | Global              |
 | Header              |
 | Dictionary (Shared) |
 | Dictionary (S)      |
 | Dictionary (P)      |
 | Dictionary (O)      |
 | Triples             |

General structure for Global, Header, Dictionary and Triples

These part all starts with $HDT, followed by a byte indicating the type of the part, the format, and optionally one or more key=value; properties. Then a NULL byte, followed by the 16-bit CRC ($HDT and NULL included)
 | $HDT | type | format | NULL | key=value; | NULL | CRC16 |
The format varies slightly: depending on the section, it can either be a string or a URI.