Class AccurateRepositoryBloomFilter

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public class AccurateRepositoryBloomFilter extends Object implements RepositoryBloomFilter
A bloom filter that is exact (no false positives) at the cost of always having to query the repository.
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    • AccurateRepositoryBloomFilter

      public AccurateRepositoryBloomFilter(boolean includeInferred)
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    • mayHaveStatement

      public boolean mayHaveStatement(RepositoryConnection conn, Resource subj, IRI pred, Value obj, Resource... contexts)
      Description copied from interface: RepositoryBloomFilter
      Returns true if the repository may have such a statement or false if it definitely does not.
      Specified by:
      mayHaveStatement in interface RepositoryBloomFilter
      conn - connection to the repository to check.
      subj - subject of the statement to check for (can be null).
      pred - predicate of the statement to check for (can be null).
      obj - object of the statement to check for (can be null).
      contexts - contexts of the statement to check for.