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public interface NotifyingRepository extends Repository
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  • Method Details

    • addRepositoryListener

      void addRepositoryListener(RepositoryListener listener)
      Registers a RepositoryListener that will receive notifications of operations that are performed on this repository.
    • removeRepositoryListener

      void removeRepositoryListener(RepositoryListener listener)
      Removes a registered RepositoryListener from this repository.
    • addRepositoryConnectionListener

      void addRepositoryConnectionListener(RepositoryConnectionListener listener)
      Registers a RepositoryConnectionListener that will receive notifications of operations that are performed on anyinvalid input: '<' connections that are created by this repository.
    • removeRepositoryConnectionListener

      void removeRepositoryConnectionListener(RepositoryConnectionListener listener)
      Removes a registered RepositoryConnectionListener from this repository.
    • getConnection

      Opens a connection to this repository that can be used for querying and updating the contents of the repository. Created connections need to be closed to make sure that any resources they keep hold of are released. The best way to do this is to use a try-finally-block as follows:
       Connection con = repository.getConnection();
       try {
              // perform operations on the connection
       } finally {

      Note that RepositoryConnection is not guaranteed to be thread-safe! The recommended pattern for repository access in a multithreaded application is to share the Repository object between threads, but have each thread create and use its own RepositoryConnections.

      Specified by:
      getConnection in interface Repository
      A connection that allows operations on this repository.
      RepositoryException - If something went wrong during the creation of the Connection.