Interface RepositoryFactory

All Known Implementing Classes:
ContextAwareFactory, DatasetRepositoryFactory, FedXRepositoryFactory, HTTPRepositoryFactory, ProxyRepositoryFactory, SailRepositoryFactory, SPARQLRepositoryFactory

public interface RepositoryFactory
A RepositoryFactory takes care of creating and initializing a specific type of Repositorys based on RDF configuration data.
Arjohn Kampman
  • Method Details

    • getRepositoryType

      String getRepositoryType()
      Returns the type of the repositories that this factory creates. Repository types are used for identification and should uniquely identify specific implementations of the Repository API. This type can be equal to the fully qualified class name of the repository, but this is not required.
    • getConfig

    • getRepository

      Returns a Repository instance that has been initialized using the supplied configuration data.
      config - TODO
      The created (but un-initialized) repository.
      RepositoryConfigException - If no repository could be created due to invalid or incomplete configuration data.