Class RepositoryResult<T>

All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoCloseable, Iterable<T>, Iterator<T>, CloseableIteration<T>

public class RepositoryResult<T> extends AbstractCloseableIteration<T> implements Iterable<T>
A RepositoryResult is a result collection of objects (for example Statement , Namespace, or Resource objects) that can be iterated over. It keeps an open connection to the backend for lazy retrieval of individual results. Additionally it has some utility methods to fetch all results and add them to a collection.

By default, a RepositoryResult is not necessarily a (mathematical) set: it may contain duplicate objects. Duplicate filtering can be switched on, but this should not be used lightly as the filtering mechanism is potentially memory-intensive.

A RepositoryResult needs to be closed after use to free up any resources (open connections, read locks, etc.) it has on the underlying repository.

Jeen Broekstra, Arjohn Kampman
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