Class PrefixDeclProcessor


@InternalUseOnly public class PrefixDeclProcessor extends Object
Processes the prefix declarations in a SPARQL query model.
Arjohn Kampman
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    • PrefixDeclProcessor

      public PrefixDeclProcessor()
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    • process

      public static Map<String,String> process(org.eclipse.rdf4j.query.parser.sparql.ast.ASTOperationContainer qc, Map<String,String> customDefaultPrefixes) throws MalformedQueryException
      Processes prefix declarations in queries. This method collects all prefixes that are declared in the supplied query, verifies that prefixes are not redefined and replaces any ASTQName nodes in the query with equivalent ASTIRI nodes.
      qc - The query that needs to be processed.
      customDefaultPrefixes - Custom prefixes to add, will override SPARQL default prefixes. can't be null.
      A map containing the prefixes that are declared in the query (key) and the namespace they map to (value).
      MalformedQueryException - If the query contains redefined prefixes or qnames that use undefined prefixes.