Class QueryModelTreePrinter

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public class QueryModelTreePrinter extends AbstractQueryModelVisitor<RuntimeException>
QueryModelVisitor implementation that "prints" a tree representation of a query model. The tree representations is printed to an internal character buffer and can be retrieved using getTreeString(). As an alternative, the static utility method printTree(QueryModelNode) can be used.
  • Constructor Details

    • QueryModelTreePrinter

      public QueryModelTreePrinter()
  • Method Details

    • printTree

      public static String printTree(QueryModelNode node)
    • getTreeString

      public String getTreeString()
    • meetNode

      protected void meetNode(QueryModelNode node)
      Description copied from class: AbstractQueryModelVisitor
      Method called by all of the other meet methods that are not overridden in subclasses. This method can be overridden in subclasses to define default behaviour when visiting nodes. The default behaviour of this method is to visit the node's children.
      meetNode in class AbstractQueryModelVisitor<RuntimeException>
      node - The node that is being visited.