Class StatementPatternQueryEvaluationStep

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public class StatementPatternQueryEvaluationStep extends Object implements QueryEvaluationStep
Evaluate the StatementPattern - taking care of graph/datasets - avoiding redoing work every call of evaluate if possible.
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      public static final Resource[] DEFAULT_CONTEXT

      public static final Resource[] ALL_CONTEXT
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    • evaluate

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      evaluate in interface QueryEvaluationStep
    • filterContextOrEqualVariables

      protected static Predicate<Statement> filterContextOrEqualVariables(StatementPattern statementPattern, Value subjValue, Value predValue, Value objValue, Resource[] contexts)
      Generate a predicate that tests for Named contexts are matched by retrieving all statements from the store and filtering out the statements that do not have a context. Or the same variable might have been used multiple times in this StatementPattern, verify value equality in those cases.
    • extractContextsFromDatasets

      protected static Function<Value,Resource[]> extractContextsFromDatasets(Var contextVar, boolean emptyGraph, Set<IRI> graphs)
      the contexts that are valid for this statement pattern or null