Interface HttpClientSessionManager

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public interface HttpClientSessionManager
Manager for remote HTTP sessions using a HttpClient.
James Leigh
  • Method Details

    • getHttpClient

      org.apache.http.client.HttpClient getHttpClient()
      Returns the httpClient.
    • createSPARQLProtocolSession

      SPARQLProtocolSession createSPARQLProtocolSession(String queryEndpointUrl, String updateEndpointUrl)
      Creates a new SPARQL Protocol session to the remote SPARQL endpoint.
    • createRDF4JProtocolSession

      RDF4JProtocolSession createRDF4JProtocolSession(String serverURL)
      Creates a new session to the remote RDF4J REST API.
    • shutDown

      void shutDown()
      Closes any remaining connections and threads used by the sessions created by this object.