Class FedXRepositoryConfig

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    public class FedXRepositoryConfig
    extends AbstractRepositoryImplConfig
    A RepositoryImplConfig to configure FedX for the use in the RDF4J workbench.

    Federation member repositories (e.g. NativeStore or SPARQL endpoints) can be managed in the RDF4J Workbench, and referenced as members in the federation. Alternatively, FedX can manage repositories, please refer to the documentation for data configuration.

    Example configuration file:

     # RDF4J configuration template for a FedX Repository
     @prefix rdfs: .
     @prefix rep: .
     @prefix fedx: .
     [] a rep:Repository ;
     rep:repositoryImpl [
       rep:repositoryType "fedx:FedXRepository" ;
       fedx:member [
          fedx:store "ResolvableRepository" ;
          fedx:repositoryName "endpoint1"
          fedx:store "ResolvableRepository" ;
          fedx:repositoryName "endpoint2"
       # optionally define data config
       #fedx:fedxConfig "fedxConfig.prop" ;
       fedx:dataConfig "dataConfig.ttl" ;
     rep:repositoryID "fedx" ;
     rdfs:label "FedX Federation" .

    Note that the location of the fedx config and the data config is relative to the repository's data dir (as managed by the RDF4J repository manager)

    Andreas Schwarte