Interface NavigationNode

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AbstractNavigationNode, Group, NavigationModel, View

public interface NavigationNode extends Cloneable
NavigationNode represents a node in a NavigationModel.
Herko ter Horst
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      Get the ID of the node.
      the ID of the node
    • isHidden

      boolean isHidden()
      Is the node hidden?
      true if the node is hidden, false otherwise
    • setHidden

      void setHidden(boolean hidden)
      Set the hidden status of the node.
      hidden - the new hidden status of the node
    • isEnabled

      boolean isEnabled()
      Is the node enabled/active?
      true if the node is enabled, false otherwise
    • setEnabled

      void setEnabled(boolean enabled)
      Set the enabled status of the node.
      enabled - the new enabled status of the node
    • getParent

      NavigationNode getParent()
      Get the parent node of this node.
      the parent node of this node, or null if this node is the root NavigationModel
    • setParent

      void setParent(NavigationNode parent)
      Set the parent of this node.
      parent - the new parent of this node
    • isParent

      boolean isParent(NavigationNode node)
      Is this node a parent of the specified node?
      node - the node to check
      true if this node is a direct or indirect parent of the specified node, false otherwise
    • getDepth

      int getDepth()
      Get the depth of this node in the hierarchy. The root NavigationModel has depth 0, all other nodes have a depth equal to the depth of their parent + 1.
      the depth of the node in the hierarhcy
    • getPathPrefix

      String getPathPrefix()
    • getPathSeparator

      String getPathSeparator()
    • getPath

      String getPath()
    • setPath

      void setPath(String path)
    • getIconPrefix

      String getIconPrefix()
    • getIconSeparator

      String getIconSeparator()
    • getIconSuffix

      String getIconSuffix()
    • getIcon

      String getIcon()
    • setIcon

      void setIcon(String icon)
    • getI18nPrefix

      String getI18nPrefix()
    • getI18nSeparator

      String getI18nSeparator()
    • getI18nSuffix

      String getI18nSuffix()
    • getI18n

      String getI18n()
    • setI18n

      void setI18n(String i18n)
    • getViewSuffix

      String getViewSuffix()
    • setViewSuffix

      void setViewSuffix(String suffix)