Class FilterIterator<E>

All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class FilterIterator<E> extends Object implements Iterator<E>
A CloseableIterator that wraps another iterator, applying a filter on the objects that are returned. Subclasses must implement the accept method to indicate which objects should be returned.
  • Constructor Details

    • FilterIterator

      protected FilterIterator(Iterator<? extends E> iter)
  • Method Details

    • hasNext

      public boolean hasNext()
      Specified by:
      hasNext in interface Iterator<E>
    • next

      public E next()
      Specified by:
      next in interface Iterator<E>
    • remove

      public void remove()
      Specified by:
      remove in interface Iterator<E>
    • accept

      protected abstract boolean accept(E object)
      Tests whether or not the specified object should be returned by this iterator. All objects from the wrapped iterator pass through this method in the same order as they are coming from the wrapped iterator.
      object - The object to be tested.
      true if the object should be returned, false otherwise.