New Milestone builds: bug fixes and support for Java 7

We published two new milestone builds today:

RDF4J 2.0M2 is the second milestone build leading up to the first 2.0 release (scheduled for mid-July). It contains various bug fixes that make it more stable.

RDF4J 1.0M1 is the first milestone for the 1.0 release. RDF4J 1.0 is a backport to support Java 7. This release is primarily intended to be used in projects that can not yet upgrade their Java Runtime Environment to Java 8.

For a complete overview of changes, have a look at the change log. The new milestones can be obtained via our download section.


Goodbye Sesame, hello RDF4J!

We are proud and excited to announce the official launch of Eclipse RDF4J as the successor of the OpenRDF Sesame framework.

This is an important positive step in the continued development and improvement of the framework:

  1. being governed by the Eclipse Foundation means a stable, vendor-neutral steward takes responsibility for continued support of the RDF4J project.
  2. Eclipse’s rigorous IP review and quality control structures gives users of RDF4J the assurances they need for safe use of the framework in enterprise environments.
  3. Eclipse being a very recognized and trusted brand with a large open source community will help RDF4J attract more users and developers, ensuring its long-term growth and development.

The Sesame code base has been contributed to the Eclipse Foundation and reworked to reflect the new project name and Eclipse standards.

Since we are still in the incubation phase of the project, there are no official releases just yet. However, a first milestone build is available for you to take for a test drive! This milestone, RDF4J 2.0M1, is functionally equivalent to the latest Sesame release (4.1.2), but with different package names, logos, etc. You can find it in our download section. We have also published a Sesame to RDF4J Migration Guide to help you update your project.

With a new project name comes a new logo and of course a snazzy new site. It’s not 100% complete yet but you should find the essentials here. Have a look around, and let us know what you think.