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4.0.0 Milestone 1

RDF4J 4.0.0-M1 is the first Milestone build of the upcoming 4.0.0 release of RDF4J.

RDF4J 4.0.0 is a major release of the RDF4J framework, focusing on improved performance and improved maintainability. A large effort to clean up the structure is intended to make it easier to deliver new features in this and future releases.

Some of the highlights covered in this first milestone:

  • Update to Java 11 as the minimally-required version of Java
  • Various improvements in the SparqlBuilder
  • Various speed and optimization improvements in the SPARQL query engine
  • Performance improvements in the SHACL engine
  • Performance improvements in the Memory Sail
  • Improved support for working with RDF4J in Spring and Spring Boot applications (see documentation for details)
  • SeRQL and SPIN are no longer supported
  • Removal of several long-deprecated packages and interfaces

This milestone build is not yet feature-complete, but we are putting it out to receive early feedback on all the improvements we have put in.

Upgrade notes

RDF4J 4.0 contains a large number of backward incompatible changes. As these are mostly code reorganizations and removal of long-deprecated code, these changes will, for the most part, only require minimal changes to existing projects. See the linked issues for further details.

Some large changes that will likely affect existing projects:


This milestone was made possible by contributions from Andreas Schwarte, Florian Kleedorfer, Jerven Bolleman, Havard M. Ottestad, Bart Hanssens, Nils Hoffman, and Jeen Broekstra.

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