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Related projects

Several projects extend or make use of rdf4j in some way, and provide additional functionality on top of the core rdf4j framework.

  • Sesame Tools
    a collection of utility classes for use with Sesame/rdf4j.
  • Apache Marmotta
    a Linked Data publication platform
  • Carml
    a library that transforms structured sources to RDF based and declared in an RML mapping
  • RML-Mapper
    another RML mapping library
  • Neosemantics
    Neo4J extension to importing RDF into Neo4j and exposing graphs as RDF
  • Rdf4j Schema Generator
    a command line tool and maven plugin to generate vocabulary java classes from RDFS or OWL
  • Semantic Turkey
    an RDF service backend for Knowledge Management, used by thesaurus management platform VocBench
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