Class SHACLManifestTestSuiteFactory


public class SHACLManifestTestSuiteFactory extends Object
Functionality for creating a JUnit test suite out of a W3C Working Group-style manifest for SHACL shape constraints testsuite
James Leigh
  • Constructor Details

    • SHACLManifestTestSuiteFactory

      public SHACLManifestTestSuiteFactory()
  • Method Details

    • createTestSuite

      public junit.framework.TestSuite createTestSuite(SHACLManifestTestSuiteFactory.TestFactory factory, boolean officialWorkingGroupTests, boolean approvedTestsOnly, boolean useRemoteTests, String... excludedSubdirs) throws Exception
      Creates a new TestSuite for executiong of AbstractSHACLTest s.
      factory - a factory class that creates each individual test case.
      officialWorkingGroupTests - indicates whether to use the official W3C working group tests, or Sesame's own set of tests.
      approvedTestsOnly - if true, use working group-approved tests only. Has no influence when officialWorkingGroup tests is set to false.
      useRemoteTests - if set to true, use manifests and tests located at , instead of local copies.
      excludedSubdirs - an (optionally empty) list of subdirectories to exclude from testing. If specified, test cases in one of the supplied subdirs will not be executed. If left empty, all tests will be executed.
      a TestSuite.