Class LimitedSizeIteratorUtil


public class LimitedSizeIteratorUtil extends Object
Jerven Bolleman, SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
  • Constructor Details

    • LimitedSizeIteratorUtil

      public LimitedSizeIteratorUtil()
  • Method Details

    • addAll

      public static Set<BindingSet> addAll(Iteration<? extends BindingSet,? extends QueryEvaluationException> arg2, Set<BindingSet> includeSet, AtomicLong used, long maxSize) throws QueryEvaluationException
      arg2 - the iteration with elements to add to the includeSet
      includeSet - the set that should have all unique elements of arg2
      used - the collection size counter of all collections used in answering a query
      maxSize - the point at which we throw a new query exception
      the includeSet
      QueryEvaluationException - trigerred when maxSize is smaller than the used value
    • add

      public static <V> boolean add(V object, Collection<V> excludeSet, AtomicLong used, long maxSize) throws QueryEvaluationException
      object - object to put in set if not there already.
      excludeSet - set that we need to store object in.
      used - AtomicLong tracking how many elements we have in storage.
      maxSize -
      QueryEvaluationException - when the object is added to the set and the total elements in all limited size collections exceed the allowed maxSize.